Reply To: Identity Management – Active Directory


Q:If I am a new customer, do I need a sla specifically for my needs.  Does this mean departments that are not on already on IT AD and want to use this service will need an SLA?

A: This SLA applies to all departments that are already in AD and will apply to new departments that will be joining AD. 

Q: There is no AD category in UNM.Help.  How do I get to the support items for CAS and AD using Help.UNM.

A: There is a category for AD in help.UNM called ‘Active Directory OU Administration request’.

Q: It would be helpful to provide a URL that has the AD OU admin best practices, standards and guidelines that the OU administrators can reference. 

A: OU Admin documents are stored in WES SharePoint site. Once OU Admins complete the training, they get access to that site.  You do not need to be a customer to take the OU admin training. 

Q: Will the OU Admin training have a set monthly schedule? If so, it would be helpful to add an URL to this SLA so OU Admins can sign up for the training. 

A: Currently we provide OU Admin training to new departments that are joining AD. Existing OU Admins can also request training through help.UNM. As of today, we don’t have a set monthly schedule; however in the future if we decide to have a set schedule, we will post it in Active Directory service catalog. 

Q: It would be helpful to provide references to other SLAs and Standards for IT issues which are not covered by this SLA but which are related to Active Directory.  For example, server hosting, print/file management, LoboCloud, Workstations management.

A: All SLA’s are being posted for comment.  All IT services will be in the IT service catalog.  There is discussion about posting a link to SLA’s in the associated service catalog entry.  I will discuss this with our agreement committee.    

Q: What do you mean by resale? Can you please define resale of service?
A: If any IT services are being used to generate revenue directly or indirectly it must be disclosed. Ex: If a department charges to host or manage an application and the application is hosted in LoboCloud, this must be disclosed.