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      Following up on discussion from the recent IT Use Committee meeting, a couple of comments that apply to the Academic Technologies Advisory Board Charter and the Research Technologies Advisory Board Charter. One simple thing: In the membership sections please change “Chair Faculty Senate Computer Use Committee” to “Chair Faculty Senate Information Technology Use Committee.” Bigger picture questions that came up include: how would the role of the at-large faculty members differ from IT Use Committee participation? How will the at-large faculty members be selected?

      General overlap between the advisory board charters with the charge of the ITUC is noted – we would like to clarify the scope and responsibilities of the various committees/boards in order to maximize efficiency and benefit to the university.

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      With respect to the “UNM IT Administrative Technologies Advisory Board” charter, is it intended to read as “Customer Relationship Management (CRM) report development” or are CRM and report development 2 separate technologies that the board will provide guidance on?

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