SLA, Standard, and Process Overview


There are approximately 43 SLAs to be reviewed during the Spring ’16 semester. These will be reviewed in four groups. Each group will be reviewed in succession, with an additional group added after the review period for the preceding group has closed. See UNM President Frank’s memo here regarding the the review project.

See the SLAs and Standards Review Schedule here.


In Summer 2015, the University solicited advice from Kurt Salmon and Associates (KSA) on improvements to information technologies governance, business models, and fiscal models. UNM adopted changes for our central or enterprise organizations. In order to provide clear and consistent expectations for services, we agreed to update our agreements with the University community.

Please see President Frank’s Memo regarding IT Business Model Recommendations, attached are KSA’s initial recommendations.

Also, find the KSA recommendations (areas of service and definitions) on the UNM President’s website.