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      Could we get a project management page set up that would show planned phases, phase completion, measureables, etc., that define success?

      And could the campus community provide input on those success measurables?

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      Absolutely.  We are working on a project plan and will be happy to share on the site and solicit feedback.  Stay tuned!

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      Hi. At a Tech Days module, I heard that Microsoft Project is in sandbox for wider use amongst staff outside the project office. Do you know if that is still happening, and if so if there is a roadmap for the release? Thanks!

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        Yes indeed!
        The IT PMO is going live with r our internal project managers in the next week or so, then we will roll out to PMs at IT (January/Feb), and then when we feel the process bugs are predominately worked out (April/May, we hope), then there will be a processes of incorporating other groups into the environment. This will include training sessions and possibly some template customization for different kinds of projects.

        Keep in mind we are rolling out templates and processes for the larger, enterprise projects (Class3) and then we will start developing more streamlined methods for smaller projects. Thanks!

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          Excellent. Thanks for this update. Looking forward to being able to use this software in our group after your implementation stages are successfully completed.

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