Reply To: Department Specific SLA


I haven’t posted on this thread not because I’m uninterested in this topic but, rather, because of time limitations. I agree with what has been said so far, and believe that dbanward (Darrell Banward, University Press) is right on with his comment that we are trying to fit all of UNM into the same bucket, yet our needs and our customer’s expectations can be quite different. For example, the law school’s computing environment has used Exchange and AD since 1999. We use SharePoint workflows for various processes and have a high dependence on email integration with the client management system we use in our clinical law program. (We are the largest law firm in NM.) Our spam filter is customized for law. I’m pretty sure that our user’s expectations (and therefore Law IT’s expectations) are quite different than those of Computer Science, University Press, the research community, etc. Is there a mutual baseline expectation of service? Sure. But the devil is in the details and other than the assumption we all should have that relying on an enterprise service means *at least* the same level of service we currently provide, if not better, it’s hard for me to imagine that listing Law’s specific needs would benefit the greater UNM community. However, we do have the start of a Law-specific email SLA (about 9 pages worth) but it’s more along the lines of “here’s what we do now that we would continue to need” and quite frankly, I don’t have time to get it ready for public viewing right now.

I also echo wvaldez’s (Walter Winegar-Valdez) comment that enterprise services are dependent upon departments having their own SLAs indicates that our departmental SLAs are somehow the foundation that enterprise services build upon. Perhaps the intent of the statement was Central IT has the expectation that departmental IT can and will provide baseline services but isn’t the idea of an enterprise service that all departments can use it? What about departments without any IT staff? It just seems a little weird.

I am very concerned about the blanket statement about the apparent considerable latitude UNM IT has to bill departments if UNM IT somehow determines (apparently on their own, without input from the department) that an issue is due to “lack of Department staff knowledge, planning or poor UNM implementation practices”. Should the department benefiting from that finding really be the ones determining it? Very scary thought.

Those are just my thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon. I’m sure more will come to me later.

Cyndi Johnson
School of Law