Reply To: Department Specific SLA


Another important point in justifying the need of department specific SLA’s is the use of language such as “Administrator will utilize departmental (local) IT contact for first level triage of incidents and service requests, when available.” This language along with the statement made at IT agents that certain enterprise services could not be offered to the degree that they are without departmental support suggest to me that departmental IT organizations need to be very clear in their own SLA’s how we provide those “1st level support” services to our areas and what limitations we may have considering we are not all operating with the same tools or processes.
Due to statements that also hold both departmental IT and their departments liable for costs such as “UNM IT will bring to the Department’s attention any situation in which extra time is being required of UNM IT staff to support services due to lack of Department staff knowledge, planning or poor UNM implementation practices. In these situations, UNM IT reserves the right to bill, at our standard hourly rate or expedited service rate, for additional time spent in support of services being delivered to the Department” we need a clear method of identify our services and processes that would limit liability and risk. Blanket statements like these run the risk of setting up areas to fail due to lack of access to the same tools that UNM IT or other groups may have.

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