Reply To: Datacenter – Colocation SLA


Q: 2.1.1 End-User (Department IT) Requirements to Use the Service
Request access to the Data Center via Help.UNM, with a minimum of one (1) business day prior to visit;
What happens if a critical co-location server goes down and the owner needs immediate access?

A: Relay the urgency to the service desk and they can raise the priority of the ticket.  Or you can request unescorted access which will give you 24/7 access to the datacenter.  

Q: 2.2.2 Specific Service Levels
Ensure bi-weekly walk-through by UNM IT to observe condition of Customer’s devices;
Does IT contact the customer if they find an issue? Does IT physically touch the machines?

A: Yes IT will contact the customer if we notice anything unusual.  No IT will not touch customer machines unless the customer requests IT to do so.