Reply To: Datacenter – LoboCloud SLA


Q: 2.1.2 Boundaries of Service Features and Functions
UNM IT will retain administrative access to VMs;
This is a “Cloud Service”, Shouldn’t the owner of the VM have complete control of who has access to the machine?

A: This is a managed service.  IT patches the OS.  IT is also responsible for resolving issues that are directly related to the OS.  Therefore, IT must retain admin rights.  

Q: In regards to Right Sizing mentioned in 2.2.1 General Service Levels, I fear this cloud lead to some of your systems being over provisioned by have too many people in down sized virtual machines packed onto the same cloud physical host.

A: We have thresholds on host that we do not exceed to address this situation.  We add hosts as needed to ensure threshold are not exceeded.