Reply To: Datacenter – LoboCloud SLA


Q: About 5 year ago, there was talks about implementing multi-tenancy on LoboCloud. What is status of this? Will it be part of this SLA if it is available?

A: Correct about 2 and a half years ago when we released Lobocloud, the intent was to make it multi-tenant.  We are working on implementing an SDN solution (NSX) that will provide true multi-tenancy.  NSX will be implemented in the Lobocloud environment in 2016.      

Q: What is the Disaster Recovery process for LoboCloud? Is there a failover site (replication)?

A: Today data is replicated to a building on south campus for DR purposes.  We are I the process of setting up a hybrid cloud with a public cloud provider.  This combine with NSX will provide DR capabilities with a recovery time of 2 to 24 hours.  Implementation is pending funding.      

Q: Can the snapshot be a self-service process?  I mean on-demand snapshots, consolidation, or roll-back possible? Is the snapshot backup of the VM included in the price of the VM or is it a separate charge?

A: Snap shots are available but it is manual at this time.  Adding snapshot capabilities to the self-service portal is a high priority for Platforms.  It should be available in 2016.  Snapshots of all VMs occur nightly.  Snapshots are available for 7 days.