Reply To: Datacenter – LoboCloud SLA


Q: 2.1 Should explicitly define OS versions. What if I want a Server 2016 VM but it isn’t considered a supported OS by this service?

A: 2.1.2 is intended to answer this question.  We will support all vender supported versions of Redhat Linux and Windows.  The supported versions should be in the service catalog.  We will update the service catalog with the supported versions. 

Q: 2.2.2 “Firewall request can take up to 72 hours” is this clock hours? Business hours? Should this be converted to days?

A: Good catch.  I will update the SLA to read 3 business days. 

Q: What happens if 99.9% availability is not met? Are customers refunded for the time services were unavailable?

A: That is what platforms does today.  However, this is not a formal policy in IT.  I will take this question to agreements.   

Q: 3.1 Reference to a website that doesn’t exist

A: Good Catch.  I’m pretty sure this is a typo.  I will delete it from the SLA

Q: 7 There isn’t a Maintenance window line item for LoboCloud. Other hosting windows are advertised but LoboCloud is not listed. Availability webpage should match services listed in IT Service Catalog
A: We do not have a “Maintenance Window” for the virtual environment.  The system is architected such that we do all maintenance with the system running.  That said, on rarely occasions we may have a need to take down a supporting system.  In that case the outage would be posted on IT alerts and Lobocloud customers would be notified.  We will accommodate customer needs to the best of our ability.