Reply To: Datacenter – Colocation SLA


Q: 2 What happens if a department is working with an external contractor? What is the process for UNM IT when interacting with contractors hired to implement solutions for UNM?

A: We only get involved from access perspective.  Contractors working on Co-Lo equipment must be escorted by the Co-Lo customer.  If the contractor needs frequent access to the co-lo space there is an option to grant unescorted access. 

Q: 2.1 Community is misspelled also “physical compute servers”? Physical Servers?

A: I will correct both on the SLA.

Q: 2.1 Is 10 gigabit networking available in the colocation space? Is there an additional charge? 

A: 10 Gb networking is not available at this time.  We have not received enough interest to invest in the infrastructure.  If you would like to have it you can make a request and we can discuss options. 

Q: 2.1.1 “Request access to the Data Center via Help.UNM, with a minimum of one (1) business day prior to visit” What happens in the event of an Incident?

A: Relay the urgency to the service desk and they can raise the priority of the ticket.  Or you can request unescorted access which will give you 24/7 access to the datacenter.  

Q: 7 Maintenance Window for Colocation servers is not listed? 

A: There is no maintenance window for the datacenter at this time.   

Q: If UNM IT needs the change the regular maintenance window, they should generate a new SLA to make sure it meets the business requirements of UNM.

A: If IT has a need for a maintenance window in the future we will update the SLA and give customers 90 days’ notice of the change.