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Q: 2.1 What versions of Windows OS and Linux distributions will the backup client support?

A: The backup system supports the clients listed at the following link:
Q: 2.1.2 What do you mean by revision?  Is this version control?  Is it possible to retain more than the past 3 versions?  Is revision a file or block level backup?  Can the backup retention period extend beyond 180 days? Do you also provide backup service for bare metal recovery?

A: Revision means change in this case.  Every time the file changes it is considered a revision.  

A: We can only change the retention policies (3 versions, 180 days) in extraordinary circumstances.  Managing multiple retention policies is extremely resource intensive.  We are in the process of implementing a new backup system so look for the feature set to improve in the near future.   

A: Backups are file level backups.

A: We do not currently offer bare metal at this time.  It may be available in the future for an additional charge.

Q: Is there some type of reporting tool or high water mark alerts to let the customer know the allotted backup space is close to the quota limit?

A: Yes storage utilization reports are available.     

Q: Is there a cost sheet on backup space? Is the cost based on GB of space, based per client base, or client plus space?  

A: Good question and the answer is a bit complicated.  If the system being backed up is not owned by IT then it is the normal cost of storage or $700 per TB.

A: If the server being backed up is owned/managed by IT, it is half the cost of the drive that is being backed up or $350 per TB.  Ex: A LoboCloud system with a 1TB drive costs $350 to back up.  I will update the service description.   

Q: How far is the replication site from the backup site? 

A: Data is replicated to a building on South Campus.  Replication to a cloud provider is on the roadmap. 

Q: Although at this point Financial Services Division (FSD) has no plans to use this service at this time, we reserve the right to create a customized SLA specific to our needs with mutually-agreed upon consequences for both FSD and UNM IT.

A: This is the SLA for the backup service that IT offers today.  We are open to discussing customized agreements that are mutually agreed upon.