Reply To: Datacenter – Backup Services SLA



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Q: 2 Backup fees are not listed in service catalog entry. Data storage pricing is listed, is there an additional charge for the “Backup Service” license fee? etc.

A: There is no fee for licensing.  We only charge for the amount of storage purchased/used. 

Q: 2.1 Should this section be under 3.1?

A: No, 2.1 is the section for features, 3.1 is for UNM IT responsibilities.  Perhaps I don’t understand the question.?  

Q: 2.1.1 “Notify of any compromises or breaches” Why is this not a Help.UNM ticket?

A:  The state is accurate.  For more information please see:

Q: 2.1.2 “Backup client is not capable of backing up databases. Native database tools are required” What backup product doesn’t support this? Should UNM IT be evaluating new backup solutions?

A: No database products are currently supported.  We have purchased a new backup system and we are in the process of implementing it.  The new system supports several databases.  Look for new features soon.  

Q: 3.1 “Basic up/down system monitoring” does this include storage monitoring?

A: Yes, it includes up/down of all components of the backup system except the clients and client servers.  Monitoring clients and the servers being backed up is the customer’s responsibility.  Storage utilization is not monitored in an automated fashion.  Reports are available for storage utilization.  It is the customer’s responsibility to review the reports. 

Q: 4.1 Where is the maintenance window listed for the backup service?

A: There is no limit to when backups can be run.  It is strongly recommended to run backups between 5pm and 5am.  I will update the SLA.  

Q: 5.2 “Requests will be fulfilled within fifteen (15) days” What happens in the event of an emergency for a department? 15 days seems pretty generous for responding to a service request for this service. Exception process seems overly complex with too many approvals, sounds like by the time all the approvals and sign offs were obtained we would be at 15 days for a normal service request.

A: 15 days is time to initially deliver the service.  This includes provisioning the storage, training, and handling any nuances that might arise.  If it is an emergency it can be discussed when the ticket is acknowledged which is within 12 hours.