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– The IT data center is tier 4 including co-lo
– I will post the Co-location Facility Access Agreement this week.  Today if possible.
– The second bullet on 2.1.1 should say Request escorted access.  I will update the SLA.
– Yes unescorted access is available 24/7.  I will update the SLA. 
–  I will ask our agreements committee about must vs shall language.
– Co-location racks are visually inspected.  If there are warning lights/indicators or unusual sounds the technical contact will be notified.   Facilities equipment is visually inspected for leaks, unusual noises or warning lights.  Issues are addressed immediately using the appropriate request/incident methodology.   There is no separate report for the walk through.         
– When a request comes in to store sensitive data hosted via colo, the request is forwarded security.  Security refers the customer to the data steward for approval.  Once approved security validates the technical controls.
– Different customers can be collocated in the same racks.  The rack doors are not locked so yes collocation customers do have physical access to other colo customer equipment.  Equipment is not racked based on data type.
– Unescorted access is 24/7.  This will be updated in the SLA.  Escorted access is during business hours. Escorted access can be escalated in the event of an emergency.  Escalation is done by placing a call to the IT service desk. 
– 3.2 is referring to enhancing or adding features to the service.  4.3 is the process for requesting exceptions to the SLA.
– No, the special data types are not listed in the Data Classification Standard, they have been classified by the appropriate UNM Data Owners/ Stewards, as identified in UNM Policy 2580, and as denoted on the Data Governance web site at:
If IT receives a request for a Colocation service that involves a new data element not on the list, it will be forwarded to the Data Owners, who will classify that data element.

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