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1. Per the standards the State Fire Marshal uses when inspecting UNM buildings, a UL labelled POWER TAP OR RELOCATABLE POWER TAP is required because it will trip if the overload is on either side of its circuit.  A surge protector will only trip with an overload on one side of its circuit.  Power taps and surge protectors are very similar with the exception noted above and cost about the same.

2. Section one is meant to be descriptive of the tier.  The appendix is specific to the requirements.  Appendix A is intended to be more specific on how a department accomplishes what it has chosen from some of the “recommended” areas in the Tier 1 section.  An example would be if a department elects to forgo the UPS that is recommended in Tier 1 (along with all attached liability for such a decision), then none of the specific requirements for a UPS in Appendix A are applicable.  Alternately, if a department elects to have a UPS (as recommended in Tier 1) then said UPS must meet the required specifications outlined in Appendix A, and considerations may additionally be given to the recommendations of Appendix A.

3. Thank you for bringing our attention to use of the phrase “local building codes”, we should remove it for clarity.  UNM resides under the jurisdiction of the State of New Mexico and not the City of Albuquerque.  Currently the State Fire Marshal uses IBC/IFC 2003 and NFPA 72 1999.  Any specific questions would be referred to them for answers, as was anticipated when the above sentence was articulated in general terms.


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