Reply To: Department Web Hosting SLA


My assumption based both on discussions and this SLA is that the goal is to move all sites currently hosted on IT’s departmental web servers to the cPanel servers.  My question is related to the 256mb space limit provided, somewhat mirroring Sharon’s comments above.

1.  Has an audit been conducted looking at the size/quota of websites currently hosted on the Departmental web servers?  I know of and work with many departments that have quotas well over the 256 amount.  I would be curious to know the ranges and averages (mean , median and mode).

2.  The idea of cPanel is great in terms of easily managing multiple sites under a single account.  For example, we currently host 30+ sites in a single NetID account.  That account has a significant quota.  I feel the limiting of disk space per account will encourage users to simply create a new NetID when space is an issue and they have multiple sites.  This creates more NetID and cPanels account that need to be managed on the IT side of things. However, I would prefer to manage everything in one account.