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      Software Distribution SLA

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      RE: 2.2.1 General Service Levels – IT tracks software distributed to each department and tracks software available in UNM pod, lab, and classroom computers.

      Will Software Distribution make any effort to determine if the department is in compliance with the terms of a software license.  For example, if my department is licensed to have 10 copies of a product but I have 20.  Will Software Distribution make any effort to notify my department that we have exceeded the bounds of our license agreement?  Is software license compliance fully the responsibility of the department?

      If a breach of license occurs and UNM is notified by the licensor how will this be addressed?

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      I have concerns about the SLA process. The ones I’ve read so far are too general with a significant amount of boilerplate language simply carried from one SLA to the other. Although I understand that the timeline was set by President Frank for SLA generation, it’s not clear to me that the President set the timeline for the comment period. It seems highly unlikely that busy IT employees have the time to read, consider, and respond to these critically important documents. Several of the SLAs will need tweaked to satisfy specific departmental needs and that language needs built into every SLA produced during this process. However, my biggest concern is the lack of consequences if the terms of the SLA are not met. I attended an IT UNM meeting last fall where the CIO spoke about SLAs back when SLA generation was to be a collaborative effort with involvement from IT Agents and others from the UNM IT community. When asked about consequences if the SLA terms were not met, the CIO’s response was that people would lose their jobs. Perhaps the CIO didn’t anticipate that meeting attendees would have questions about consequences but such a superficial reply to a serious question is troubling to me. The bottom line is that there needs to be specific, well-defined consequences for not meeting the SLA terms for both the customer and Central IT on every SLA.

      I see no other issues with this particular SLA.

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        Hi Gabe, Thank you for your comments.

        I believe this is addressed in Administrative Policies and Procedures  2500: Acceptable Computer Use and is referenced in the SLA.

        In the case of non-compliance issues the response will be considered case by case depending on the software license. IT will work with the department directly on any software compliance issues.

        The SLA section Roles and Responsibilities will be updated to reflect the compliance issue.



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      General question, will the process for providing input into which software titles are needed be put into this SLA?

      2.1.1 – This seems fine, but it would be helpful to have compatibility and known issues listed with the software at the time of download/purchase

      “<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>Assumes sole responsibility for the compatibility of software with other applications and any other integrated devices.”</span>

      2.1.2 – Would it save you time to list what support is available from where with the software titles on the download page?

      3.2 I guess this is boiler plate language since I’ve seen it in other drafts, but this doesn’t seem like a customer responsibility: “<span style=”line-height: 1.5;”>IT Strategic Advisory Committee to collaborate with UNM IT on the service framework to satisfy the University of New Mexico business requirements;”</span>

      9.1 – Will the process for requesting new software on pod and lab machines be put into this SLA or a different one for Pods?

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        HI Elisha, Thank you for your your comments.

        Please send your suggestions for possible software titles to for volume or site licenses. We will consider each suggestion case by case. If your department needs software that is not available through Software Distribution and you only need one or two licenses please continue to purchase through your department.
        At this time software compatibility is the responsibility of each department.This is a good suggestion to have the support available from software companies on the Software Distribution page. We will research this. Yes the the SLA’s have boiler plate language and IT is continuing to improve and update the SLA. Software Distribution works with Classroom Tech on software for the lab/classroom computers. If you have suggestions on additional software or access to the software please email and the request will be forward to the appropriate group.

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