ITO Movement and Allocation

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    If an ITO and his or her department are both satisfied with their relationship, will there be anything formal in place to ensure the ITO stays with a particular department? Alternatively, can ITOs be shifted from department to department at will?
    • When an ITO changes (leaves UNM, selects or is moved to another position at UNM), what will the hiring process look like for the department’s replacement?

    • Are departments allowed to self-determine if they want to open or fill a vacant position?

    • How is that position funded?

    • Will the department have a seat in the search committee and have a weighted voice in selection of their new ITO? Who will make the ultimate hiring decision?

    • If an ITO does separate from UNM, are the positions subject to the hiring freeze?

    • If so, will another ITO take on those responsibilities or is a reclassification of an existing departmental IT staff possible?

    • What will the hiring contracts look like, will they specify the department? Will they be term or contract positions? How will the grade be determined?

    Same questions for the embedded department IT staff- ?

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