External Vendor SLA

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      External Vendor SLA

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      The first bullet under General overview should be external customer, not vendor.

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      Further to tjm’s comment, the title of this SLA should probably be changed to better reflect that this SLA governs services provided BY IT (as a vendor) to an external customer.

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      If I understand correctly then, “UNM IT” in this document refers exclusively to the “Central UNM IT department”, and not to UNM IT services in general. My concern related to the lack of specificity in this document has to do with the definition of “Enterprise services” as defined by KSA – a service offered exclusively by a central entity. By extension “Exclusive” would suggest that other departments do not offer this service.

      As it relates to provisioning of IT service by contract to external entities, “UNM Central IT” is not an exclusive provider in the current state. There are many contracts and grants at UNM that are providing IT Consulting and Professional services to other areas. UNM Extended Learning, for instance, has multimillion dollar contracts with the state of NM to run programs for PED and CYFD, and a portion of those contracts has IT services provided at the department level specified. The definition of this gets even muddier when research funded projects are considered.

      This SLA seems fine if it is defining the services offered by one UNM department. If it is defining an enterprise process for anyone engaged in providing IT services to external agencies, it needs more work.

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        Agreed!  As written, it is too vague to be useful.

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      In an effort to add a bit of clarity we included a statement in this SLA to read: For purposes of this document, UNM IT is defined as the Information Technologies unit reporting to the UNM Chief Information Officer (CIO).

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      Moving a comment from Cyndi on this SLA here, that was inadvertently posted to another SLA: 
      Is there a definition of an External Vendor? For example, under 2.1 Service Scope, there’s a reference to “external entities”. Further down in that section, the list of services includes Network capacity and connectivity. Section 2.1.2 speaks to boundaries and states that the service features and functions are “restricted to state and federal government entities”. Therefore, if a state or federal government organization is located on the UNM campus and uses the CDCN (is it still called that?) but is not a “vendor” in the traditional sense of the word, does this SLA apply?
      I will ask Kirsten Martinez to take a look and respond.

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      Thank you for your feedback. To clarify, yes, this SLA governs IT services provided to external entities by UNM Central IT – the vendor in this case is UNM Central IT and the Customer is an external governmental entity. I understand how this can be confusing so I have noted this as an update to the next version of this SLA. This SLA would apply to state or federal government entities that are located on campus as well, however separate SLAS would be established depending on the services provided to them. Support levels, billable rates, and other features of the service may differ, for example, from those that apply to UNM customers. UNM’s campus-wide network is still referred to as The Campus Data Communication Network (CDCN).

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