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    Will Quan here again from Parking and Transportation. I mentioned in my previous question that I’ve only been at UNM for a year but I’ve worked both at the University of Kentucky and the University of Washington in IT as a Technical Analyst. The University of Washington used to (I think it still does) host a quarterly cyber security forum that was even attended by non-University folks (e.g. from Microsoft, Amazon, Google, the city etc.). During those forums there would be a presentation on a topic and discussion. Being new to UNM – is there something like that in place and will it continue? How does one take part? If not, is there some thought given to be more inclusive and to make more people in IT here at UNM throughout campus aware/more aware of this important topic? Thank you. Will

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    Will, thank you for your comment and suggestion. We currently do a Security Days event twice per year at the SUB atrium, but this is a student-facing event to inform students about cyber security issues and how to protect their identity and devices, among other topics.

    We also have Tech Days for staff (NMSU, CNM and other organizations attend) with two days of seminars relating to technology in the workplace. Many vendors such as Dell, Adobe, etc. attend and participate in the seminars. We always have at least one Security topic at Tech Days. Our next Tech Days will be this coming June, so be on the lookout for more information.

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      Thank you for this. It’s good to know that Tech Days is happening and that there is also a Security Days event for students. That’s a group that often gets missed when addressing cyber security needs on a University campus. It’d be great for UNM to work through the idea of having something specific, in regards to a cyber security forum, for IT staff. The model at UW worked really well, particularly in bringing in speakers from outside and having a discussion. It’s a great learning opportunity and it makes you think and engage.

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