Reply To: UNM Data Center and Server Room Standard



I am the Sys Admin for UNM Press. We are probably a tier 1, unless we combine our 2 locations, which has been the case in the past, then we would be a tier 2 facility. I have some questions and concerns on this draft.

1. power tap – is this a wall tap? If so, this could be defined as nothing more than an outlet splitter (making one outlet into three outlets, and such). If you mean power strip, same thing. Maybe you are referring to a surge protector, but it notes that surge suppressors should not be used. Can you be more specific? The exact specifications will be useful.

2. In the Standard Specifications section, Section 1 – this refers to Appendix A, but in the definitions of tiers these contradict. For example Tier 1 section states, “The Facility meets minimum requirement for the safe operation and maintenance of computing equipment and protection of assets. Door lock, power tap, UPS recommended.”

But in the chart (Appendix A), there are more requirements such as having an emergency shut off, having UPS (is required and not recommended), building and door security system, more. What are we to follow the chart or the tier classification if they do not match?

3. Continuing on with the requirements for Tier 1. The first few sections about fire alarms, suppression systems, and emergency cut-off systems you refer to national, state, and local building codes. After looking into the City of Albuquerque building code, which refers to the International Building Codes (IBC) from 2009, I have come to the conclusion that these are not requirements at all for my main campus location. We do not even have smoke detectors in that location, and after looking through IBC I can see that UNM can justify us not having one. Question is, if it is a requirement what is the specific policies you are referring to?

Thank you for your help, and thank you for putting this together. I understand the need for it and will work towards compliance when this is official.

Also is there a better way an organization like mine can get word about this document and process besides checking this page every so often? Maybe a message to the IT email list?

Darrell Banward

System Administrator, UNM Press