Reply To: User Experience


Will, thank you for starting a great thread!  You have captured a very important aspect of the work we are being asked to do. I like how you state the issue: “bridging the gap between technology and the services technology provides with the actual need of the user.”  ITIL is a fantastic framework and it lays a solid foundation for service delivery, when, as Rosalind points out, it is dynamically aligned to requirements, business needs and vision.  UNM’s adoption of ITIL really does set us up to deliver quality, repeatable services and to track and manage those services well.  As Walter states, it is still a framework.  When all is said and done, I agree with the thoughts I read here that we need to continue to improve the personal touch of working with individuals to truly understand needs and “own” issues together.  We have the right people to do this, and I look forward to working with the IT community to make it happen