Reply To: Arts and Science: Shared Service Model


I believe there are a couple of thoughts that could help address the needs of small or under served areas of campus access technical services. As Elaine wrote, the main goal is to no longer charge areas for core services and to provide consistent, high quality services equally across all of main campus. Areas that do not currently have existing technical staff to act as an ITO will likely partner and coordinate with areas that do have an ITO and coordinate efforts with that technical group. An example of this in action currently is the Honors College which Arts and Sciences is also providing technical support for and will likely represent with an ITO as well. These will need to be discussion that we continue to have with Dean’s, Directors, and Unit Administrators in order to best understand how to serve and represent their needs.

As we continue to collaborate with each other and move towards more efficient services it should begin to afford some of the existing technical units the ability to work more closely with under represented and smaller units, and hopefully getting everyone up to the same level of consistent service.