Reply To: Core Service Application Management and Development


Thank you for your feedback Gabe. Here are the responses to your feedback.

-Is BAR going to be used for access requests in all cases? There are many systems that are not integrated with the BAR right now. How will access to systems not integrated with BAR be addressed?

Systems not integrated with BAR will be determined during our handoff to maintenance and agreement with the business unit will be determined how that access will be managed; in some cases the departments manage their own access.

-Can IT provide formal testing requirements. Too often we have users that know very little about QA/Testing. We need to formalize what testing needs to be done, how it should be done, what should be tested, when it should be tested, and what results should be provided after the tests have been completed.

We are currently working on templates and updating our SOPs for SDLC including QA practices. We will share and use those as we have them completed. We will rely on the departments to give us the testing scenarios that relate to their business processes.

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