Reply To: UNM Collaboration Tools and Support Standard


Thanks, Steve. Intending no disrespect, my main concern with the standard is that I think there is a lot of hard earned wisdom related to managing and supporting collaborative technologies that it would be good to write into a standard. As it relates to web conferencing, Extended Learning has been managing and supporting these tools for well over a decade. Through pilots of multiple systems and feedback from faculty and students contacting the support desk, we have learned a lot about specific points of usability, bandwidth scaling for delivery to remote areas, support requirements, and specific features that are needed for teaching and learning. The ability to create breakout rooms, support inline polling and chat, application sharing, whiteboard functions, content archiving and export, and integration with an LMS for authentication and authorization are all things that we’ve spent a lot of time refining. I think we could have a very productive collaborative process with you that would result in a useful standard. I’m just not sure how to do that over the discuss site, because I think there is enough to think through that it merits some time sitting down and developing it together.