Reply To: Core Service Application Management and Development


Rooney thank you for you review and feedback. Below are responses to your feedback:

“UNM ERP Applications portfolio: does this include downstream systems and processes that rely on or use ERP data such as: AD auto-pop group creation, email account demise upon termination, etc.?”

The portfolio is referring to large core systems; systems such as AD and 0365 as well as processes to terminate users upon termination would be included if the system is located on the IT Core infrastructure and user access/demise processes for those systems would be handled through the Data Governance Process as well as the Provisioning within the BAR.

“Is there a list of what is in the ERP Application portfolio?”

We do have Application Portfolio lists within the Service Catalog of some of the Applications we support, there is also an ERP Components list located: . We are working on a consolidated and complete list to make available to our customers along with the updates we are making to our Service Catalog.

“ Access “must” be safeguarded and not “should”?”

Great suggestion; we will update the SLA accordingly

“ Is there an expectation that OLAs will be in place or created between departmental IT and UNM IT? What can we expect to support per application in the portfolio and at what point do we escalate to UNM IT?”

OLA is a great suggestion and one that we have been discussing with other IT departments. That would be the next logical step to ensure clarification and understanding of responsibilities. As part of our process we are creating an Enterprise Support Model that will include a handoff to operations (this could be the OLA) that will define the responsibilities of all parties as the system is in maintenance. If there are specific application questions, please reach out to your Core IT contact and let’s discuss clarification.

“3.2.2: Should bullet points 1 and 2 in 3.3 be a partner responsibility, too?”

Can definitely see how that could be a fit. Per ITIL we are defining Customer as the holder of the funding so a unit could be both the Customer and the partner.