Reply To: Core Service Application Management and Development


Thank you Elisha for you input on this SLA. Below are responses to your questions and input:

“2.2.1 – I’m not sure what this means “Management to contract terms and oversight of vendor””

This is stating that we will manage the vendor and ensure the system and requests are working within agreed upon licensing and contract terms. We will manage the vendor throughout the maintenance period to ensure they are engaging when necessary and meeting our agreed upon Service Levels within the Contract. We will clarify the verbiage within the SLA to address this.

“3.1 – It might be a good idea to reference the Data Center standard here as it relates to hosting and security/availability tier.”

Great suggestion, we will add that to the SLA

“Under 3.2.2 “Provide annual training for employees;” –where is the training and support responsibility boundary between IT and departments?

During implementations of new systems Core IT would be available to assist with some user training and coordinate the vendor to conduct the training. We would work with the department to ensure the necessary documentation is handed over to them. On-going each department utilizes the system according to their business process so we rely on each department to be the first line of training for their staff. If there are standard/general questions about how to use a system, there is an option “Instruction on Service” in Help.UNM that is available to request that support.