Reply To: Core Service Application Management and Development


We really appreciate your review, input and questions. Below are the responses:

“2.1 Bullet 4 – extra “t” between “of” and “ERP””

Great catch; we will update the SLA accordingly.

“2.1.1 – Grammatically, I believe “both” is not the right adjective when talking about three groups of end-users (faculty, staff and students).”

Great catch; we will update the SLA and clarify.

“2.1.2 Bullet 3 – “current team has knowledge or is” should be “knowledge of or is”

Great catch; we will update the SLA accordingly.

“2.1.2 Bullet 4 – How will it be determined if a service request requires more than 80 hours?”

Initial analysis and discussion will be completed as part of the request intake process. We will clarify the bullet within the SLA accordingly.

“6.1 Incident Report – “Time spent…”. I believe the nebulous wording of a service being “end user caused” and concerns about departments being billed for these types of incidents was discussed earlier in this exercise. I would repeat those concerns for this SLA.”

We will align with previous feedback and update accordingly