Reply To: UNM Inquiry and Analysis Tools and Support Standard


Elisha, I agree, there is definite overlap, and we will consider further defining those specific items within each respective Standard.

Regarding energy running out on development of these Standards, I’ve been thinking that we need to make sure our campus-wide survey committee gets a look at this particular Standard, as some of the work that we are doing in that committee directly applies. We also want to make sure that this particular Standard, and the official UNM survey policy that our committee is working on, compliment each other and cross reference one another as well. That said, there could be a number of modifications, to this particular Standard, down the road. 

Regarding what we are trying to accomplish, and referring back to Ryan’s words: ‘The purpose of a standard for inquiry and analysis tools and support is to facilitate cost-effective, secure, consistent and manageable computer-assisted surveying and polling using software tools that collect, store, analyze, and report the information collected.’  I just want to say that this Standard lays out a basic framework for UNM entities to consider before implementing/hosting inquiry and analysis tools. 

Elisha, your time in thinking through these and providing input is most appreciated! 

Thank you,