Reply To: UNM Collaboration Tools and Support Standard


This is not a standard as it is written. Shouldn’t a standard describe aspects of the service beyond a requirement to use it? e.g. Collaboration tools should work well on multiple platforms, should have certain security or scalability features, should be tested for usability, integrate with business and learning systems, compete with best-of-breed solutions, etc. If I read it correctly, this is just a document that states a requirement for users/departments to use o365/Lync, and it is a good example of the fundamental flaw in this whole standard/SLA process.

The approach is inverted. Centralization of some services could be a good thing, but the best way to get there without impacting quality of service would be to engage current service providers, faculty, staff and students to find out what they need and can afford. If you start there, and then design a service to meet those needs that includes documentation development, support planning, it shouldn’t take much to convince departments to use it.