Reply To: Core Service Application Management and Development


There’s a lot going on in this SLA but at first reading, here are my comments with more to come as I have sufficient time to study it.

* 2.1 Bullet 4 – extra “t” between “of” and “ERP”

* 2.1.1 – Grammatically, I believe “both” is not the right adjective when talking about three groups of end-users (faculty, staff and students).

* 2.1.2 Bullet 3 – “current team has knowledge or is” should be “knowledge of or is”

*2.1.2 Bullet 4 – How will it be determined if a service request requires more than 80 hours?

* 6.1 Incident Report – “Time spent…”. I believe the nebulous wording of a service being “end user caused” and concerns about departments being billed for these types of incidents was discussed earlier in this exercise. I would repeat those concerns for this SLA.