Reply To: UNM Owned Device Support Standard


I certainly agree with the spirit of this standard, but it definitely needs an exception process or needs to be expanded so as not to disrupt alternative workstation management processes. At the library, we have used Pharos and LanDesk to secure and keep our student workstations updated for quite some time now – actually since before my time. This has proved to be an effective way to manage our 500+ student-facing workstations, so I am certainly hoping to work on making this standard more flexibile. I assume the section on Compliance is attempting to be so with the statement: “The UNM Administration, Internal Audit, or UNM IT may determine the compliance of departmental support approaches with this standard.” – I think as long as we can discuss our exceptional circumstances and ensure they are included in approved workstation management model, then the library will be able to easily comply with all of the components of this standard. – Kevin Comerford, Library IT.