Reply To: Compliance


Hi Chad,

Thank you also for sharing your insight as we move forward.  You have good points and great questions, and I know we will have a better product because of it.  Clarifying compliance will be a very important aspect of the standard – I agree with you wholeheartedly and the Internal Audit and Compliance policy is the right reference.  To your point, the “Authority” section indicates: “The Compliance Office is authorized to:  1. Obtain the necessary assistance of personnel involved in compliance activities. To this end, the Chief Compliance Officer shall identify a network of compliance partners who have expertise in specific compliance areas.”  Internal Audit is specifically mentioned in the current draft, although not specifically determined as the group that will ensure compliance.  As the language and approach mature, we will make sure to incorporate the Compliance Office and other aspects of the policy as well.  As mentioned above, we will need additional direction from senior administration before the Compliance approach can be determined – it will not be a UNM IT decision.