Reply To: Printer Management Standard


Good afternoon,

Thank you for the feedback. Please know that we are reading every one of these responses and taking everything said into consideration. You will see changes made to standards that were inspired by these comments.

A few answers:

The standard has been communicated to Ricoh, Pacific Office, and Xerox. These are our three main vendors, and core IT works with them directly to ensure all standards are met, vulnerabilities are patched, and systems are up to date. I understand there has been some delay in the past. We have broached this subject with each of them and they are going to be more responsive in the future.

Vendors do provide checksum data for a good portion of their data, but not all. If it is provided, please use it to verify.

If the printer is found to be a security vulnerability, it will be pulled off the network. Please verify that the vendor provides security patches as needed before purchasing.

This standard is followed by the Core UNM print service, and it is compatible with OSX, Windows, and Linux (others too!). Please search fast info if you would like further information.

Many of the further questions can be answered by looking at the Service Desk SLA at

Thank you and keep the questions/comments coming!