Reply To: Inclusion of UNM community in the Standards and SLA comment process


I would like to respond specifically to your first example:

Related to the Project Management Standard, it is true that any office that is engaged in an IT project alongside an IT unit (and Project Manager) would be impacted, and hopefully benefit from, the standard.
When IT staff engages with a customer (whether it be Staff, Faculty, Capital Projects, or any other business unit) one of the first items discussed is project methodology, approach, and standards. IT engages customer involvement by demonstrating the value of applying the PM standards. It has been our experience that once the customer understands the value proposition that the PM standard provides to the project, they tend to cooperate and collaborate.
There is agreement that more work will occur with campus communication so that we can implement effective collaboration and ensure fidelity to the standard. The Project Management standard, if followed, helps ensure quality is built in to every work product.