Reply To: SLA & Standards Confusion…


I get your point on number 1.  I’m not the authoritative voice on how the SLAs and Standards will be used from an executive governance perspective, which is why I prefaced my response in the way that I did.  Perhaps I put that preface in the wrong place.  The definition of SLA and Standard as provided are sound.  I think the questions from IT Agents are more geared towards how they will be used and/or enforced?  Is that correct? I can’t speak to that  – we will need guidance from ITSAC and the President’s office when they are prepared to provide that direction.  I’ve shared the question with Kevin Stevenson as Chair of ITSAC and liaison with the President’s office.  I will bring the point you raise in number 2 to TJ so she can respond in context of the specific SLA you reference.  Thanks for the continued dialogue, Cyndi.