Reply To: SLA & Standards Confusion…


Thanks, Duane. Two things:

1) While I appreciate your insight as to defining the exact purpose of the Standards and SLAs, you preface your definition by stating “In my opinion…”. Therein lies the problem, I believe. I know you were at the IT Agents meeting when this question was posed over and over again in various ways by multiple people. People were essentially asking the same question. Why are we doing this? I appreciate and respect your opinion but am concerned that if I posed the same question to others on the ITSAC or the President’s IT Executive Governance committee, I might hear a different end-goal. It would be very helpful to get clarity on the big picture please.

2) You state that multiple groups can provide Supplemental services. Yet the End User Device Support Standard explicitly disallows that possibility by stating that “All UNM owned devices must utility Microsoft Active Directory (AD) authentication and be joined to either HEALTH or COLLEGES UNM domains. That pretty much excludes any other group from providing that Supplemental service, doesn’t it?