Reply To: SLA & Standards Confusion…


Hi Cyndi,

Lots of info in there!  I will start by trying to answer your question, “So winding around to my original question, can someone please provide a definitive answer to the exact purpose of the Standards and SLAs? ”  I would propose that Standards and SLAs go hand in hand.  In my opinion, Standards describe what must be done (sometimes at varying levels depending on needs), and SLAs describe what we (UNM IT in this case, but any service provider that puts an SLA together) deliver.  I think you sum it up well when you say, “The way I read the above is that Standards are related to Supplemental services and SLAs are related to Enterprise services.”  That is our immediate objective given the President’s request.  To expand on this, we are focusing our initial efforts on creating SLAs for the Enterprise services so campus understands (and can provide input on) what UNM IT provides for Enterprise (defined as exclusive) services, and we are focusing our initial efforts on creating and getting input on Standards for the Supplemental services (defined as non-exclusive) that multiple groups provide so we can have a baseline understanding and requirement for anyone delivering the same service. Beyond the initial effort and as time permits, UNM IT will continue to prepare SLAs and Standards (where appropriate) for all of our services (Enterprise and Supplemental), and do our best to be inclusive and incorporate feedback.  Please let me know if this is helpful or if it creates more confusion.  Also, I do think you are correct that IT services provided at the school/college level would be component based on my understanding.

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