Reply To: Compliance



Yes, that’s what I mean. The 2009 AD standard states “The ADTC evaluates and makes recommendations on requests for exceptions to this standard. The Office of the┬áCIO is the only entity that can grant exceptions to this standard and will do so only after consultation with and┬árecommendation of the ADTC.” Of course, there is no ADTC these days but I use that only as an example.

Quite frankly. even though I chaired that work group for quite a long time and was part of generating the standard, I was never comfortable with having the Office of the CIO as the “only entity that can grant exceptions” to the standard. I would find similar language related to an appeal process troubling if the only body who could determine if a standard is being met is a non-neutral party. I would suggest a formal appeals process be implemented, similar to other appeals process on campus (see, for example, the layers of appeal defined in UAP 3220 Dispute Resolution).