Reply To: Identity Management – Active Directory


1. If I am a new customer, do I need a sla specifically for my needs.  Does this mean departments that are not on already on IT AD and want to use this service will need an SLA?

2. There is no AD category in UNM.Help.  How do I get to the support items for CAS and AD using Help.UNM.

2.1.1  It would be helpful to provide a URL that has the AD OU admin best practices, standards and guidelines that the OU administrators can reference. 
Will the OU Admin training have a set monthly schedule? If so, it would be helpful to add an URL to this SLA so OU Admins can sign up for the training. 

2.1.2  It would be helpful to provide references to other SLAs and Standards for IT issues which are not covered by this SLA but which are related to Active Directory.  For example, server hosting, print/file management, LoboCloud, Workstations management.

What do you mean by resale? Can you please define resale of service?