Reply To: Identity Management – Active Directory


Section 2.1.1 End-User Requirements to Use the Service – Third bullet point
OU Administrators will adhere to the standards, policies and guidelines included in the OU Admin training such as the naming convention and use of privileged accounts;
I would like to read what these standards, policies and guidelines are exactly.

Section 2.1.2 Boundaries of Service Features and Functions – Third bullet point
UNM IT reserves the right to apply security policy settings through domain GPO with reasonable
What is the definition of “reasonable”, reasonable by whose standard UNM IT or the department that may be adversely affected.  How much time would we have for researching proposed change and testing?  Where can we go to review the current security policy settings?

Bullet point 6
User management such as creation of new accounts, and password management is done through NetID service and not directly performed in AD. 
We create user accounts several times per year as a matter of course, and we use provisioning tools to both create the account and its associated mail box.  Would we be able to continue this practice if we were being hosted on this system?
We also create accounts for adjuncts and students that are not enrolled at unm as regular employees and or students, would we still be allowed to do this?
Section 2.2.1 General Service Levels
Network security scans are completed for all systems slated for AD migration;
Is there a charge for this service?
Default policies configured for Department IT OU.
What is the default policy currently?