Reply To: Enterprise IT Vendor Relationship Management SLA



We do not have a comprehensive Enterprise IT Vendor list that is inclusive of Networks, Platforms, Applications and others, to my knowledge. In Applications we do have an ERP components list that is shared through the ERP committee and I suspect others have similar.  Not exactly what you are looking for, I know.  It is a reasonable ask and I will work with others in IT to approach this. I have seen several reports that we could work from to get at the information.  This is listed as a service because it addresses IT’s role in the procurement and vendor relationship management process related to these enterprise vendors. I’m not sure how to address performance on this one and am very open to input.   As the topic is closed on Discuss, please feel free to send me your thoughts via email.  Other units, if determined to be enterprise providers, would need a similar SLA; but this one is specific to the service provided by IT. Thanks.