Reply To: Email and Calendaring SLA


Posting for Steve Spence:
SLA for OneDrive – Andrew, see the response I gave earlier to Rooney’s similar question. We’re considering OneDrive a separate service at this point so we’ll likely have a separate SLA for that eventually.
Fees – Good point: I think that line was boilerplate and we didn’t edit it specific to this service. It’s generic and covers it even if there is no fee.
IE Limitation – The limitation on IE has been removed from A to Z. It now states “Directory listing is accessible by current vendor supported browsers delivered with the OS (operating system).”
MyUNM vs. direct access – Good – we will adjust.
“Intentionally” – If and when we can identify the appropriate controls to prevent this from happening, we would like to do it. As it stands we are making a best effort to avoid sending links that require authentication in official communications but are also reliant on educating end users to never act on such requests.
Available Reports – Thanks! We will pass that on the Agreements committee.