Reply To: Email and Calendaring SLA

“Supported by Microsoft BAA (Business Associates Agreement) on FERPA and HIPAA compliance;” – Does this mean it is approved as a location (OneDrive) or transfer tool (email) for FERPA and HIPAA data?

I’m not sure why this is part of the e-mail SLA: “Ensure participation in IT Agents ”

It seems like the description of support resources would be better in a support section than an “End User Requirements” section.

Similarly, granting access to the calendar, seems more like a feature than an end user requirement.

“For security reasons, messages with certain file types attached will not be delivered. See this list for
more information;” It would be helpful if the user received a message of non-delivery. I had some issues a while back with an HR form that quietly failed to deliver whenever I sent a message with it as an attachment.

“Integration with systems and applications are not covered by this service SLA.” Especially if this SLA also includes OneDrive and possibly Sharepoint, it would be helpful to know where to look/start for conversations about integration.

8 Unless the plan is to start billing for e-mail and calendaring, this section may not be that relevant to this SLA.