Reply To: Identity Management – Net ID SLA


Interesting point you bring up. I can’t speak to LC and Purchasing but taking this a step further, I believe that while access may transfer in MyReports (via BAR roles), any custom reports could need manual intervention to be copied to their new NetID folder as ┬áthese are stored only as metadata by the Users NetID in the MyReports Oracle Repository database.

Once logging into MyReports under their new NetID, these reports will not be accessible from anyone other than those with “Manager Mode” access. Each “tab” area (such as Finance, Student, OIA, Payroll…) have their own instructions for support posted at:

This is probably a small percentage of the MyReports Info-Assist users but still worthy to note here and for discussion at a future “Reporting Operations” meeting. Not sure how detailed we should be with this SLA.

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