Reply To: Service Desk SLA


Chad –

I certainly appreciate the effort you’ve taken to craft this response. You have identified areas for process improvement which I am always open to incorporating into our efforts.

In regard to customers not responding when details are requested, a great majority either have their problem resolved or there is a separate process followed in their department. For example, only the UH Communications group can submit incidents related to phones for hospital customers. UH Communications tries to solve the issue first before calling UNM IT. I would say escalating to department heads for non responsive customer would not add value. I do agree that is appropriate to escalate when UNM IT is unresponsive. For those types of issues, there is an escalation section in the SLA. Here at UNM IT, we are have conversations about response times and communication to the customers. We understand the importance and strive to improve in those areas. Thanks again for your feedback.