Reply To: A to Z Department Listings


Hey Andrew,

2.1.1 No line item for A-Z
IT’s services (this one included) are being revised/added for the Service Catalog.

2.1.2 The service desk has instructed many of our users that if they are using a browser besides Internet Explorer on a UNM Windows machine that it is unsupported. Is Internet Explorer no longer support for enterprise applications by UNM IT? What is the new enterprise browser that is compatible with all UNM IT supported enterprise applications?
New application development and implementation support prioritizes the following browsers: Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android Browser – and IE 11 under specific circumstances (case-by-case approval – e.g., compatibility for core enterprise services that are critical and widely used).

2.2.1 “…can take multiple business days to complete” This needs to turn into a number.
This refers to the turnaround time for IT to assist departments with directory updates. As IT currently does not restrict the size of the requests that departments submit, a specific number cannot be produced. Also, there is currently no costs associated with having directory updates made by IT with submitted requests.

3.1 Is UNM IT able to provide reports on how many hits each A-Z entry is getting? Departments might be interested knowing how many people are clicking on their A-Z entries.
Yes, we have these metrics and can provide them on request.

5.1 Service desk hours are not listed on the support page, there is a link that leads to FastInfo on the support page