Reply To: A to Z Department Listings


Hi Elisha,

2.1 Does this use the Cascade system, or something else? Should it use Cascade? Is there a webservice that could be queried?
This does not use Cascade. This is a PHP application that uses a MySQL backend. Cascade – in its current state – does not allow for easy building of web applications.

API is a future enhancement that we want to add to this application – along with pulling data directly from Banner.

2.1.1 – Where should department IT go for triage scripts if they are going to support this service?
For requesting access and making edits, there is a FastInfo available here: This is available via the small question mark (Help) button on the menu.

The video that Cameron Goble put together on that FastInfo also has other useful information – such as the structure and layout of the info.

2.2.1 – Is there an upper bound on the number of days? How do things get escalated?
Currently, there is no upper bound on the number of days as IT does not enforce a cap on the size of the requests that can be sent in for update assistance from departments.

2.2.2 – I see 99.9% availability in most of these SLAs. Is this a default or service specific? Is this measured? What is the process for measurement? How are acceptable availability levels determined?
The 99.9% availability is server-specific. As most of these services are hosted and run from servers, this number is being used in multiple places. The servers’ availability and performance are monitored and logged by a monitoring tool that our Platforms team uses. However, these metrics are not made available publicly today as there is no good control mechanism in place (yet) to allow IT to do so. These stats are available on request.

3.1 – Are there billable services associated with this service? Which ones? What is the need for the billing portal in association with this?
Template language. Template language is being reviewed, revised and approved holistically.

3.2 This seems irrelevant to a directory service? “Maintain appropriate staff expertise in the maintenance and support of any customer supported equipment and/or applications;”
Template language. Please see above.