Reply To: Datacenter – Backup Services SLA


Some of my comments are similar to Elisha’s.  Although Brian had clarified some of them already, I am going to list them anyway. 

2.1 What versions of Windows OS and Linux distributions will the backup client support? 

2.1.2 What do you mean by revision?  Is this version control?  Is it possible to retain more than the past 3 versions?  Is revision a file or block level backup?  Can the backup retention period extend beyond 180 days? Do you also provide backup service for bare metal recovery?

Is there some type of reporting tool or high water mark alerts to let the customer know the allotted backup space is close to the quota limit?    

Is there a cost sheet on backup space? Is the cost based on GB of space, based per client base, or client plus space?  

How far is the replication site from the backup site? 

Although at this point Financial Services Division (FSD) has no plans to use this service at this time, we reserve the right to create a customized SLA specific to our needs with mutually-agreed upon consequences for both FSD and UNM IT.