Reply To: Service Desk SLA


Chad –

In each SLA, you will find response times associated with priorities of Incidents.  I appreciate the struggle of not receiving responses to tickets in a timely manner.  Please know each team reviews aging tasks to either get them completed or provide communication to the customer.  I will share your feedback during our next group review of aging tasks.

As for service requests, we also monitor those for open tasks but we have not established response times.  Each unique service request may take a different amount of time to fulfill.  We have the data and will be establishing and publishing fulfillment times – it is on our roadmap for this year.

I certainly acknowledge that we improvements to make in our communication on individual tickets At any time, you are free to call the Servcie Desk for a status check, call the Customer Service Manager listed on the SLA or contact me when you there are concerns about the amount of time a ticket has been open or you’ve received no communication from us.